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5 Ways Your Bedroom Could Help Achieve The Best Price For Your Home

All rooms in a property matter when it comes to selling a home, but some matter more than others. The bedroom is one of these rooms.

From important sleep-time to cosy days spent in a comfy chair by the bedroom window, we spend a lot of time in the bedroom. And so it’s only natural we care a great deal about the feel, and the look, and the vibe, and the ‘feng shui’ of the room. These factors have a lot of influence on how much we come to love our bedroom.

So when preparing to sell, don’t overlook the importance of the bedroom!. From the space to lighting, to textures and scents, these simple tricks can contribute to a quick and hassle-free sale of your home. Given potential buyers like to visualise their new surroundings, and get an idea of what their future home might look like, it all comes down to dressing!

If you’re preparing your home to sell, take note. The bedroom is a vital room during viewings. So, if yours is in need of an update, here are 5 ways to style it, to ensure your bedroom could help achieve the best price. You’ll find it’s not only more enjoyable to spend time in, but it’s highly appealing when selling too.

5 Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom (Making it More Sellable) So That Your Bedroom Could Help Achieve The Best Price

  • Give your bed a makeover

Given the light and temperature of a room will change throughout the year (the long winter months can make a room feel horribly dark), you should alter your bed to offer optimum comfort. And the easiest way to do this is to change the way your bed looks.

It can be as simple as changing the layout of your pillows, and the colours of the bedspread. But you’ll want to consider the seasons and dress it appropriately. For example, use pastel colours, lighter tog blankets, and cool cotton or silk bed linens during the summer months. And fall back on cosy, heavier materials and textures during the winter months for an inviting (and warming) feel.

And a selection of large pillows, and extra throw cushions, will make a large king-size or Super King bed look extra inviting and luxurious.

  • Add Cosiness to The Bedroom

Now that your bed looks luxurious. It’s time to turn to the rest of the room. As you style the bedroom, you’ll want to make sure it has a feeling of cosiness.

Bedside rugs or runners add instant cosiness to the room, and somehow make it look more ‘finished’. Transform bedroom chairs by adding a cushion or two. And hang a cosy throw over the back, or arm of the chair, for a stylish, relaxed look.

  • Add Finishing Touches for A Luxury Feel

Little extras will turn your bedroom into the ultimate comfort zone. However, the trick here is not to go over the top. Even with the benefit of a spacious room, your bedroom can suddenly feel cluttered, if you go too far. And you don’t want to risk it feeling a little too much like an antique shop.

So little touches, that add style and feel, will go a long way to make the room feel finished and polished. Turn to textured throws, or a nod to an elegant wallpaper for a hint of design without the overwhelm.

  • Don’t Forget Mirrors & Dressing Tables

Many designers and interior stylists feel the perfect bedroom needs two mirrors. A dressing table with an integral mirror is ideal, especially if you have good task lighting. And a full-length mirror is also essential for getting dressed. If you haven’t got the space for a separate one, try mounting it on the wall (this will help the room feel bigger, and also give it that added design element). Or attach to the inside of a wardrobe door for a convenient space-saving option.

  • Scent the Bedroom for a Premium Feel that Hints at Luxury

A softly scented bedroom is bliss. But don’t overdo it. That goes for overpowering scents (especially in a guest bedroom). Lavender-based scents or light floral based scents, such as rose or peony, always work well. For a luxury feel during your next showing, use a scent diffuser or fresh flowers.. Or use pillow mist or linen spray to softly scent linen, and a scented candle.

You’ll find these 5 simple actions can make a huge impact! Little extras can turn your bedroom into the ultimate comfort zone. And I’m sure you’ll find these 5 simple actions will have a huge impact on the appeal of the bedroom when conducting open houses! Plus, in the meantime, you’ll have a bedroom you love spending time in!

At Homesale we love to help you prepare your bedroom so that it can generate maximum interest when you come to sell. Please call us on 01244 313 900, for an obligation free discussion, we’d love to help!