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You can add value to your home when selling. This is how…

Lose loud wallpaper and paints

Potential home buyers have varied taste. Certain designs and colours can be overwhelming and can hinder others being able to visualise the house as being their own. We recommend using neutral paints or white

Create a haven in your garden

Giving your garden some love and attention can go a long way. Start by mowing the lawn, removing rubbish and all weeds also tidy overgrown trees and shrubs. Once you have made the space look attractive, try to create a feeling of peace. An open, clutter-free space is appealing but privacy is essential. Consider growing trees or adding fences and walls (which can go up by 2 meters without needing planning permission). Another option is to assemble a pergola. As well as creating privacy, this can be a great way to separate areas of the garden.

Use mirrors

If it is not possible to install a skylight or a conservatory to brighten your home there are simple ways to create light through the use of mirrors. Hanging mirrors opposite windows, can trick the eye into thinking there is another window there and maximises the impact of natural lighting. Another illusion when capturing light is to reflect it into darker areas to make your property look bigger and brighter.

Replace doors

First impressions count. The front door and hall can say a great deal about your home. If you don’t want to replace your door you may want to give it a lick of paint. Also if possible tidy up your entrance, many viewers will quickly decide whether your house is right for them.

Improve your kitchen

A fresh looking kitchen looks hygienic. One cheap option could be to paint units to give a clean look or replace doors and handles if needed. Improve kitchen storage where you can, this will greatly appeal to viewers, particularly families.  Make sure your kitchen has adequate lighting.  It is easy and cost effective to install under-unit or kick-board lighting.

Go open plan

Opening up space is so popular especially in social areas like the kitchen and living room areas. Combining rooms create a social space for the whole family and visitors to enjoy. Although, it is important to recognise the implications of this as some families prefer the practicalities of having additional rooms that offer adult only or children only space.

Can you go up?

Loft conversions can be expensive yet can be the best value for money. Most lofts can be easily converted and expanding the house upwards offers homeowners an extra bedroom for growing families or useful space for storage. Adding an extra bedroom can add value to your home and particularly if you can install an ensuite.

Light a fire

A fireplace can bring character to a room and creates a focal point. It is also practical as it can reduce the need for central heating and save on energy bills.

Save energy

Fitting your home with energy saving appliances can add value to your home by promising to reduce the costs of bills. This is becoming increasingly popular among purchasers. Solar panels can have a mixed reaction however, and can cause complications with some house sales. Another idea is to install double glazing which can reduce energy bills and block out noisy roads that can impact the value of a property.

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