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Top tips to prepare your house for sale

If you are considering selling Lisa Curran at Homesale and Homelet has prepared a number of top tips to consider when preparing your home for viewings:

  • Prepare your home in advance:

Declutter.  Put items in storage, clean and add personal touches such as scented candles or fresh flowers.  Try to keep the décor neutral and the lights on to ensure that there are no awkward or dark corners.  Tall lights in the corners of rooms can make them look larger.  Put away calendars, personal charts, etc..  Do not block any windows, keep curtains and blinds open and let the light shine in but ensure curtains and blinds are cleaned if needed.   If your attic is accessed with a ladder ensure that it is well oiled.  Try to start and end the viewing in the best place in the house, this way buyers leave with it fresh in their minds.  Maybe add a few extra pillows to your bed to make the room more inviting.  Ensure any clear shower screens are clean with no water marks.  Keep window sills clear and clutter free and clean the external window frames as well as internal windows.

  • Love your garden:

The front of your home is the first thing a potential viewer will see and one of the most underrated selling tools.  Ensure your grass is cut, keep plants looking fresh and colourful and use garden furniture to illustrate the potential for outside living.  Ensure gutters are clean and don’t have plants growing in them, it might indicate that the property hasn’t been well maintained.  Take advantage of the time of year and use hanging baskets or terracotta pots with plenty of bright flowers.

  • Hide pets:

Although we love pets.  Not everyone will be as enthusiastic about your pets as we are.  Treat them to a visit away from home.  You do not want to put off purchasers by any possible allergies that they may suffer from, or unwanted pet smells.  Clear pet clutter too.  Dog and cat beds and toys can take up space so pack them away for viewings.

  • Create a feeling of welcome:

Ensure that the porch or front door is well lit, well swept and cobweb free.  Keep the entrance hall clear and enticing so purchasers are keen to see more.  Polish door furniture, this shows a cared for home.  Maybe have some soft background music playing to create a welcome feel.  Ensure lighting is not too bright or too dark.  If you use extra heaters do not have them out in rooms as this implies the heating is not sufficient.  Similarly with fans or freestanding air conditioning units this can imply the property can get too hot.

At homesale we would be delighted to help with preparing your home for a new owner.  For a free no obligation valuation, please call us today on 01244 313900.  We would be delighted to help with any property related advice and look forward to hearing from you.