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Top Tips to get your house offer accepted

If you are planning on offering on a house, it is beneficial to show the agent selling that you are motivated and organised.

Estate agents do not only advise clients on price, but also on the level of the buyer’s motivation.

You should present your offer as the best one. I suggest that you speak to the agent initially to submit your offer verbally and follow this up with an email.

The email is important at making you stand out against other people and their offers, as generally this does not happen.

In your email, you should note:

  1. Your offer amount.
  2. All the buyers involved and their full names
  3. Your buying position such as: nothing to sell, investment purchase, cash purchase, first time buyer, etc…
  4. If your current property is under offer, also include the estate agents name and contact details
  5. Your chosen solicitors contact details. If you haven’t arranged this, this is no problem but you can use your email to ask advice on which agents to use and can obtain quotes and recommendations in relation to this. Most agents will recommend solicitors with whom they have strong relationships and who they know will help the sale proceed smoothly.
  6. If applicable you should note your mortgage advisors name, company and contact details
  7. If you already have a mortgage in principle, you can attach this.
  8. Proof of your deposit by way of a statement
  9. If you have any preferred dates for exchange or completion such as if you are in a chain or need to give notice in your current home, this can help both you and your agent be clear on ideal dates from the offset.

This process will help your offer be accepted by demonstrating that you are a very keen purchaser, who has all the relevant information needed to proceed with the sale with ease.

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