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Top tips for a successful spring sale

It might not feel like spring just yet, but we’ve begun to see the first spring bulbs. And daffodils are popping up everywhere. Which means a change of season is on the way! So it’s important to be prepared, and these top tips for a successful spring sale will help you do it.

If you’re serious about selling, you need to be ahead of the game. As always, my advice is to beat the rush, and showcase your property earlier than others. So now’s the time to shift your home out of winter hibernation! Take note of these tips for a successful spring sale, and get to work over the next few weeks as you get serious about selling.

1. Declutter your home

It’s a buzzword for a reason–it works! Spring cleaning helps you declutter your home, and it’s an essential task come springtime. As you put away your winter items and prepare for the big spring clean, you’ll naturally declutter in the process. Which will make your home feel more spacious and provide you the opportunity to hide anything that might look crowded to a viewer.

Potential buyers want to imagine themselves in the property with their belongings. So ensure any laundry is hidden from view. And if like me you’ve also got a home office, keep your desk as clear as possible. In the kitchen, you probably have more gadgets than you use, so put them out of sight and leave your worktops clutter free.

2. Ensure your home looks and smells amazing

A lingering odour as they enter your home can put off your potential buyer before they’ve even seen the potential. Meaning it’s over before it’s even begun! To avoid this, make your entrance as inviting as you can, and ensure doors and windows are clean and look well maintained. Make sure the drive or garden is also well kept. Or if you don’t have a front garden, potted plants could give your home extra kerb appeal.

Internally, consider a neutral look for your home. This will be easy on the eye, and will give rooms a spacious feel. Light a candle, or use a diffuser, to enhance the smell of your home. At Homesale Homelet, we have branded candles for you to use. They’re environmentally friendly, made with soy, and smell delightful! So please pop in take one.

Outside, repair any fences, gates, paint window frames, keep paths clear from weeds. Garages and sheds

If you use your garage or shed to store items, keep them as clutter free as possible. This will give the viewers an idea of how much space there is. They’re likely to have an idea on how they might use this space, so keep it as organised as possible

3. Prepare the outside space

Gardens can look a little dull at this time of year, but you can make the most of it by tidying up and doing simple repairs. Plant up containers with late winter or early spring flowers, and make the most of the view by cleaning the windows inside and out. A few bird feeders will attract wildlife and create a lovely outside view.

4. Brief your agent

The more your agent is prepared to answer questions about your home the easier it will be to sell. For example, if you have any gadgets such as entry systems, or fancy lighting systems, make sure your agent knows how they work. Otherwise you could risk what’s actually a unique selling point, acting as a deterrent to prospective purchasers.


At Homesale Homelet we would be delighted to help with any aspect of your property journey. Click here for our 11 step guide to selling at a premium price. Please call us on 01244 313 900 or email us at or pop into our offices in the centre of Chester at 18 Grosvenor Street.