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Thinking of selling your home after Christmas? This could be the ideal time…


Are you thinking of selling after Christmas or the New Year?  If so, you may want to consider the possibility of earlier.  This actually could be the ideal time.  Rightmove have indicated that Christmas is a hugely busy time for property searches.


Rightmove announcement

Accordingly to Rightmove last year “There were over 1.6m visits to between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day as house-hunters escaped from the cycle of wrapping presents, opening presents, cooking food, eating food and slumping done in front of a movie and the Queen’s speech”.

You probably would not want to accommodate viewings over this period and I expect that no one would want to view.  This is the time for family, enjoyment but also reflection and a time to think about what 2017 will bring.


Fewer homes on the market

Typically fewer houses are on the market at this time as people tend not to want to have their property photographed or indeed to keep the house decluttered during this exciting, festive time.  However, with less to offer on the market at this time, maybe the third week in December is an ideal time for you to come to market.


Be prepared take pictures now

You could have pictures taken in December, homes can also look warm, cosy and if we are graced with snow this can also cause great interest with potential viewers.  But, you may want to have photographs taken now ahead of any Christmas decorations going up.  That way rooms can often look more spacious without the tree and decorations.


Viewings early in 2017

You may want to specify a time that is convenient for viewings just into the New Year to attract as much interest over the festive period as is possible and to build up interest with as many potential viewers as is possible.  Creating a stir often means you achieve your very best price.


Call us

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