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The Success, Increasing Demand and Benefits of Terraced Homes….

History of the Terrace

In Chester, terraced properties form a reasonable proportion of the property stock but the proportion of available, particularly Victorian terraces, is reducing and demand is high.  At Homesale and Homelet we’ve been selling and renting terraces since 1989 and there’s not much we do not know about them.

In Great Britain the first terraced homes with uniform fronts were built by the entrepreneur Nicholas Barbon in the rebuilding after the Great Fire of London. Fashionable terraces appeared in London’s Grosvenor Square (1727 onwards) and in Bath’s Queen Square (1729 onwards).  By the early Victorian period, a terrace had come to designate any style of housing where individual houses repeating one design are joined together into rows. The style was used for workers’ housing in industrial districts during the great industrial boom following the industrial revolution.  The terrace style spread widely and was the usual form of high density residential housing up to World War II.

In 2005 the English Heritage report Low Demand Housing and the Historic Environment found that repairing a standard Victorian terraced house over 30 years is around 60% cheaper than building and maintaining a newly built house. In a 2003 survey for Heritage Counts a team of experts contrasted a Victorian terrace with a house built after 1980, and found that:

The research demonstrated that, contrary to earlier thinking, older housing actually costs less to maintain and occupy over the long-term life of the dwelling than more modern housing. Largely due to the quality and life-span of the materials used, the Victorian terraced house proved almost £1,000 per 100 m2 cheaper to maintain and inhabit on average each year.

A high proportion of people adore period homes.  They are more than fashionable they are stylish and highly sort afterOver the years we have seen the continuing demand for terraces from people looking to buy in Chester.  This means that terraces hold their prices superbly well and have many benefits that people are looking for.  With over two centuries of history under their roofs terraced homes remain as popular as ever. Wonder how much your terrace is worth in the current market?



Maintenance of your Terraced Home

At Homesale and Homelet we think terraces are amazing.  They have a fabulous following due to their distinctive quality and style.  To maximise the appeal and make the best of your home:

  • Restore coving and carefully expose any period features, such as cupboards, replace windows sympathetically with quality wood or uPVC options.
  • In the springtime clear out the front and rear gutters of leaves, sediment and anything else that has built up over the
  • If you have a path and it is looking tired give it a freshen up with a cleaner or jet wash it. Use planters or flowers if possible.
  • Check your boiler annually. The ideal time to do this is before the onset of winter.
  • Periodically have your roof checked.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum by storing items in the loft. You may want to add a window and boarding for extra ease and to maximise your space.

For more information, we would love to help, call us on 01244 313900.