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The importance of clean when selling your home

The importance of clean when selling your home:


Getting your home as clean as possible is essential to achieve offers at the best possible price.  It really does pay off. Apartments and houses that are incredibly cluttered can mean that buyers get too distracted.


First on your list should be washing the windows, cleaning the floors, polishing the furniture and vacuuming the carpets and rugs.  Of particular importance is the entrance hall, kitchen and bathroom.


The entrance hall is going to be your first point of reference when you walk in, so it has to be clean and simple.  So as well as cleaning, make sure you put away shoes, coats and bags, too.


The kitchen has to be immaculate, dishes should be in the dishwasher, and they should be done. You don’t want a last night’s dinner smell. But bathrooms are perhaps the most important thing to get right.  People do not want envisage themselves in a mouldy shower.


To avoid creating a bad impression, it’s important to make sure your tile grout is spotless. If in doubt buy a new shower curtain and towels.  Grout can be scrubbed and bleached, and made to look a lot better but often it will not look new.  Sometimes cleaning it and then having it regrouted and resealed, can make the bathroom look much better.


Try to clean all visible horizontal surfaces: such as windowsills, picture frames, baseboards, even the inside shelves of kitchen and medicine cabinets.  Also clean the walls around light-switch plates, where there are a lot of fingerprints, and doorknobs.


Put away personal items before each viewing, prospective purchasers do not want to see toothbrushes and shampoo.


Finally, although it may seem obvious, make your bed, with clean sheets.   If you have any questions in relation to preparing your home for viewings or indeed, decluttering, or other tips, please visit us at homesale or contact us on 01244 313900.  We would love to help.