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The Benefits of Creating Heaven…. at Home.

Heaven in the bedroom

Many house buying decisions are made by women.  Even when couples view your home, it is mostly the female who has the final say.  When trying to attract a lady buyer to your home you need to create an escape, a peaceful environment to relax at the end of the day.


Use soft lighting, maybe a scented candle or bedside table lamps, this will immediately set the tone.  If you feel you can indulge yourself and invest in some new bed linen.  The most popular is white crisp Egyptian cotton, keep the bed well made and the sheets ironed.  For extra feelings of luxury add cushions and a throw.   Luxury fabrics, such as velvet, silk and cashmere, and calm, relaxing colours are ideal.


The front room and living rooms should always look comfortable but functional and practical.  This will ensure that your buyer can imagine the practicalities of your home as well as the comfort.  The bedroom however should have a more relaxed feel.  You want your buyer to imagine themselves escaping to this heavenly place at the end of their day.


Move the clutter away

Keep every day life away from the room.  All items that represent work or anything remotely stressful should be hidden such as laptops, ironing boards, irons, washing piles, kids toys, etc…  Also to maximise feelings of calm the more minimal that this room can be, the more it will feel calm, so declutter as much as you can.  Also try to depersonalise the area and remove too many ornaments.   This will again, maximise the chances of your buyer imagining this space as theirs.


Creating your own heaven at home, could just sell your home.

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