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5 Steps To Assess Rental Yield

The essential steps to assess (potential) rental yield on your investment property As a landlord, it’s important to be able to assess whether a property is likely to be a good investment before you buy it. Then, once your property’s rented out, it’s helpful if you can check periodically to

Finding the perfect tenant, Currans Homes

Finding the perfect tenant

Finding the perfect tenant   A guide to knowing who is the best tenant for you and your property.   Finding the perfect tenant for your letting property isn’t easy, knowing who that tenant is a great place to start. We look at what can you do to help you

Do I needed a letting agent? Currans Homes

Do I need a letting agent? 6 reasons why you might…

Do I need a letting agent?   6 REASONS WHY YOU MIGHT…   Did you know that a third of the properties in the UK are rentals?   And a large proportion of those are managed by individuals, not agencies?   If you’ve inherited a house, or you’ve moved out