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Spring Clean Checklist for your Successful Home Sale

Spring is here and homeowners will be preparing for an annual spring clean, especially those looking to put their home on the market.

With this in mind, I have created a checklist based on what to prioritise when conducting a spring clean:

Exterior Walls and Roof

The exterior is very important to potential buyers, often a prospective purchaser will drive by a property in advance of a viewing. If the exterior is not in good condition you may lose the prospective purchaser even in advance of the viewing.

Make sure that the roof doesn’t have any leaks and the walls are not showing any cracks. Also check that the gutters are clear and look clean and well kept.

The Front Door and Porch

The front door and porch are the gateway to your home and often are the first thing a potential buyer will see up close. Make sure that there are no old shoes, bikes or general clutter in the porch. Also ensure that the area looks well presented. If any paint is peeling make sure that this is attended to.

Interior Rooms, Walls and Ceilings

Ensure that the house is decluttered, fill any holes in walls, stripping or re-painting walls and ensure that a general good deep clean is done ahead or the influx of potential purchasers.


Quality and appearance of windows can play a huge part in creating a good impression of your home so make sure they are well cleaned and and that window sills are given a fresh coat of paint if needed.


The garden can be left untouched throughout the winter months and so making sure it is back to its full potential as soon as possible. As with the interior of your house, remove any rubbish and mow the lawn/trim the edges. Repair any loose or broken fence panels/furniture/paving.

The Driveway and Garage

Ensure that your driveway is clean and free from moss. If possible jet wash it to make it look as low maintenance and clear as is possible.

Organise your garage as much as is possible. Keep items in an orderly fashion. Label items and store out of sight to make the garage look as clear as is possible.

Buyers will always view from their own eyes and perspective so providing them with a solid, clean, neutral foundation can go a long way to inviting an offer and securing a sale.

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