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Secrets Of Fabulous Property Photography: Learn From The Pros

It’s no secret that first impressions count, but this is especially true when trying to sell your property.


Implement our pro photography tips to draw in serious viewers who won’t waste your time.


We have all heard that first impressions count and never is this truer than when trying to sell your property. Not only will excellent photographs catch the attention of eager buyers, but by emphasising the lifestyle your home actually offers, a well-planned photoshoot is likely to draw in serious viewers who won’t waste your time.

So go ahead, pinch a few tips and tactics from the world of professional photography to get your home ready for its market debut.


Lay the Groundwork 

There is a lot to consider before inviting a photographer to take pictures of your house. Everything from the weather on the day of the shoot, to the quirks and features of your home, and even the experience of the photographer can influence the outcome.

While there isn’t a lot about these factors you can control, you do have the power to set the scene to achieve optimum results. Here are some expert tips to help you on your way:


1. Clear the decks ­

You can’t add inches to the size of your rooms, but poor lighting and clutter can certainly appear to shave them off when photographed. Avoid pictures of dingy corners or garish decor by thoroughly decluttering, polishing, and rearranging furniture as necessary to maximise the beautifying benefits of reflective surfaces and light. This way, you can be sure you’re displaying the full potential of every room.

Top Tip – Photographers are often tempted to use a wide-angle lens, which in some cases may mislead a viewer or make the room appear to have strange angles. Take this into consideration when discussing your options on the day.


A fabulous property photograph of a room that has been decluttered in preparation for selling - Currans Homes Estate Agency

2. Shop for Props

Luxury homes in magazines elicit such desire because they have been expertly staged to hint at the lifestyle most people crave. No matter the size of your property, you can take a leaf out of these glossy publications and apply their style tricks yourself.

Here are some ideas for different areas of your home; that won’t break the bank:


Even if your kitchen isn’t fully bespoke, it’s always better to present it positively rather than avoiding pictures of it altogether. Help viewers imagine spending their days in the heart of the home by adding:

  • A wooden board piled high with rustic loaves of bread and delicious cheeses
  • Bowls of fresh fruit (strawberries, apples and limes work well)
  • Champagne and pastries
  • Flowers that chime with the home – wildflowers for a country farmhouse, or elegant lilies for modern properties


Living Areas

While people enjoy spending family time in communal areas of the home, avoid displaying an array of toys or sentimental items in your photos. Many potential viewers may also find evidence of pets off-putting because of the damage they can cause to floors, carpets, and other areas of the property. Instead, opt for:

  • Pillar candles
  • Fresh flowers
  • High-end magazines and coffee-table books


Bedrooms & Bathrooms

At the end of a stressful day, we often want to unwind in our own private space. You can help ensure bedrooms and bathrooms seem warm and inviting by including:

  • Crisp, ironed sheets
  • Plump pillows
  • Fluffy white towels – for display only
  • Spa- and salon-quality toiletries


Outside Space

Even small lawns or courtyards can exude charm, aided by:

  • Tea lights or church candle lanterns
  • A flowering plant as a table centrepiece
  • Hanging baskets in bloom


A beautiful photograph of a kitchen in a property being sold by Currans Homes. The kitchen has been styled to entice buyers using a Fortnum & Mason hamper.

3. Communicate

You have likely lived in the property – No one knows your home as well as you do. By taking note of special features, attractive design elements, and favourite areas, you will have a useful brief to use as a reference point when discussing the upcoming shoot with your photographer.

Make sure that they receive a copy of the brief in advance to avoid confusion. It is also a good idea to request ‘lifestyle’ shots featuring your carefully chosen props, and ‘vignette’ photos that use doors and mirrors to frame key features or views attractively.


A living room with a roaring log fire in the centre of the image. In the foreground a glass vase stands on a glass coffee table containing flowers and a white tea set sits at the centre of the table. An example of excellent property styling for the best property photography - Currans Homes.

4. Time it right

Understanding the way your home presents on the compass will help you determine the best time of day to take certain shots. No one wants to see a gloomy exterior or a cold-looking garden, so your photographer may need to return in the evening to catch the sun to the front or rear of the property.

5. Be a co-producer

On the day of the photoshoot, make sure you are waiting in the wings to assist the photographer by removing distracting objects or adjusting the lighting. A good photographer will point out any potential obstacles for you to correct. Involving yourself in the process can reduce the chance of disappointment in the final result, so don’t be shy about getting stuck in.


A decluttered hallway in a Currans Homes property. The owner has used expert tips to achieve fabulous property photography.

6. Style to season

Spotting pictures featuring flowers in full bloom in the middle of winter may make browsers question how long your property has been on the market. Autumn house hunters are also more likely to be drawn by a Yuletide scene than those who have just put the season of giving behind them and are desperate for sunnier days.

This may require refreshing your photos throughout the year to avoid giving buyers an excuse to put in a cheeky offer. The good news is that some images can be airbrushed to improve the scene – a service your photographer may provide.


Beautiful property photography of the view out of a window at a garden in full bloom. Representative of one of Currans Homes secrets to fabulous property photography - style to the season.

7. Go pro

Don’t be tempted to cut corners by asking a non-professional to take some pics. A real pro will take their time and understands the need for ambience and the best way to set up a shot. This will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.


A professional photographer adjusts the settings on their camera while preparing to take some fabulous property photographs to market a home being sol by Currans Homes.

8. Delegate to the Experts

If the idea of doing so much legwork has you in a tailspin, why not leave the details of marketing your property to the experts? At Currans Homes we pride ourselves on using a team of tried-and-tested professionals who will showcase your home to its absolute best. Get in touch to learn how we can help you sell your property the right way.