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Scared of choosing the wrong paint colour? Try white…. and add flowers

White as a paint colour

Simply plaining all the walls and ceilings white will not itself provide you with a fabulous looking home.

The white should be flawless, clean and bright but it will not work alone.  White does make for an extremely versatile starting point and leaves you to try out other colour choices for cheaper and effective furnishing options like cushions, pictures, vases, or rugs.

It can work well in living rooms and will highlight any architectural elements.  It can also be very effective in bedrooms.  White bedding is the height of luxury which is why many 5 star hotels use it as standard.  Crisp white bedding helps provide an aspirational lifestyle feeling.

White is the perfect choice for the room itself to take centre stage.  It can look great with colour or with neutrals.  The simplicity of white lets the style of the items in it to shine through.


Flowers to enhance your home

Flowers do many things when it comes to selling.  They add interest, brighten up dull corners , bring calm and tranquility and also infuse the room with a delicate aroma.

Keep it simple by using a simple small vase with a selection of flowers or maybe even a single colour with just one type of flower.  Both options will enhance your home.

Flowers in the front garden can leave a lasting impression.  Consider the perfumed variety to enrich your buyers viewing experience such as calming lavender.

If you would like advice on how to prepare your home for sale or let, please call us on 01244 316338, or pop into our offices at 18 Grosvenor Street, Chester.  We would love to help.