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Property inspections are important…

Are you a Landlord?  – Property inspections are important


One important job for every landlord or for your property management company is to complete property inspections.


Carrying out regular inspections every few months can help you or your agent spot potential problems and keep on top of issues before they become urgent.  Homelet advise why property inspections are vital.



Build relationships


If conducted correctly tenants can see the benefits of the inspection.  It should not be seen in a negative light, instead an opportunity to build strong relationships with the tenant.  A healthy relationship between a tenant and landlord or agent is important in making sure that tenancies are smooth and trouble free.  Inspections allow tenants to bring up any problems they may have or identify things that need to be addressed.  Some tenants are reluctant to highlight some problems as they may feel that they are responsible.  A strong relationship will encourage them to speak openly.



Spot issues early


As experts in property, you or your letting agent can be more perceptive than tenants themselves and if there are issues the tenant deems to be unimportant but the landlord or agent sees as more serious, an inspection can be the perfect time to point these out and take actions to rectify them.


Sadly, in some situations it can be the case that the tenant is not looking after the property in the right way.  Perhaps they have recently bought a pet without authorisation or are not keeping it as clean as they should be or have dangerous appliances or items in the property.  Either way an inspection will identify problems and open dialogue with the tenant to rectify problems.



Regularity and contact


One benefit that can come from regular inspections is that by knowing contact is routine and carried out at set intervals, not only do you or your agent get to see how things are with the property but the tenant is more likely to ensure that they keep the property clean, tidy and in good working order.


If you are interested in Homelet helping you with property inspections, we would love to help, please contact us on 01244 316338.