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Priority Buyers

Stay informed about the local property market

If you’re in the market for a new home then you’ll know just how many listings there are on the various portals. Navigating them can be a minefield (not to mention the endless new tabs now open on your screen slowing you down).

The Priority List is a fast, accurate and smart way to stay informed about the local property market.

Get on the Priority List

We’ll contact you directly, each time a property comes onto the market that meets your specified requirements.

Right now, the market is HOT and desirable properties are in high demand.

Whether it’s:

  • A bigger garden.
  • More windows and natural light.
  • Another bedroom.
  • Quieter living, countryside views, or a luxe inner-city location.
  • A south-facing plot to maximise the afternoon sun.
  • To be closer to loved ones.
  • or of course, a home office.

The Priority List will mean we contact you whenever a new property fits your criteria.

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*Joining the priority list does not guarantee priority access, rights, or claim to any property on or off the market.