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Improve the value of your home on a budget and fast….

Are you looking to improve your home on a budget.  Maybe you are looking to bring your home to the sales or rental market or maybe you are happy in your home but just want an update.  Here are our 5 top tips:

Update your kitchen

Giving your old kitchen units a new look can be easily achieved without tearing it all out.  This can also be at a fraction of the cost of a totally new kitchen.

If you like the layout and storage space, keep your carcasses and simply replace the doors, handles, worktops, sink, taps and splash backs for a fresh look.  With a standard £3,000 kitchen, over £2,000 of the price can go on the carcasses.  Replacement doors start at around £30 per door plus you save money on labour costs, disruption and disposal of the units.  Ikea also stock standard carcasses to which different styles can be fitted and interchanged if you want to upgrade your doors.   Influencers and designers are using companies like the fabulous Swedish superfrontdotcom who provide customised doors (as seen in the photo above) to give kitchens a truly unique look.


Conduct a home makeover

When a property is rundown, full of clutter and outdated decoration it can often be transformed for under £5,000.  A clever scheme can add up to 10% fo the value of a property.


Start by stripping out all the old carpets, curtains and as much clutter as possible.  Remove any outdated furniture.  Repair the walls so they are ready for painting, stepping old wall paper and sanding and filling to get a smooth finish.  If the walls are in poor condition consider having them re-skimmed, this will cost around £2,000 for a typical 3 bedroom house, but will create walls that are good as new.  Follow with a neutral shade such as white or off-white.  This will reflect light and make the room appear more spacious.  Repaint the woodwork in white gloss or eggshell.  You should also update light fittings and shades for inexpensive new ones.

Either sand and then stain or paint the original floorboards if they are in good condition or lay wooden laminate flooring.   Homesale Homelet have a few great local companies for all aspects of your home improvements an example of such is John Garner, for wood restoration and flooring.


Adding a shower room

Having an ensuite to the master bedroom is a must have for many purchasers, improving privacy and morning efficiency.  Providing the layout is carefully thought through an ensuite shower room need not be very large – a space as small as 0.9m x 2.5m is adequate for a WC, basin and shower.

Space can be found by dividing one end of a large bedroom using a timber or metal framed wall and a new doorway formed in the partition wall.

An old airing cupboard or storage area might be large enough for a small shower room.  Part of the first floor landing area in a larger property could be divided off, or an existing smaller bedroom converted into a larger shower room and walk in dressing room.


Tidy up the garden

Well designed, tidy gardens can make a home far more saleable and will add to the value of a property.  Clean up, tidy litter and dead plants, weed, repair and feed the lawn, cut back on overgrown trees and shrubs, add colour and interest into beds and borders.


Makeover your exterior

If your home exterior is looking tired you should do as much as possible to improve the kerb appeal and add value.  Clean sown and repaint windows and doors plus any external joinery such as bargeboards of fascia and soffits.  Removing tired, inappropriate features that are out of place such as stone cladding can restore a property value by widening the property’s appeal, as can reinstating period features.


If you are interested in talking about home improvements or receiving our free ebook of tips on Selling and Letting your Home, please click on: . Alternatively if you have questions or if Homesale can help with your property sale, visit us at 18 Grosvenor St, Chester, call me on 01244 313900 or email to