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History and Magic of the Bungalow.

History of the Bungalow

In Chester, bungalows form a reasonable proportion of the property stock but the numbers being built is reducing and demand is high. At Homesale and Homelet we’ve been selling and renting bungalows since 1989 and there’s not much we do not know about them.

The name comes from the Hindi word “bangla” meaning anything from Bengal. It was used to describe the detached cottages built for early European settlers in India. They were easy to erect buildings and had shady verandas that allowed cool air to circulate. They proved very popular perhaps because they are often set in expansive and lush grounds.

The first British development of homes sold as “bungalows” opened in 1869 in Westgate on the north coast of Kent by John Taylor and the Arts and Crafts architect John Seddon. The following year, more ambitious projects began as people embraced the style they were grand with many rooms, cellars, pillars and towers, and sold for £1,000 each.

Bungalows had a natural affinity with seaside cabins and many were built near to the shore and during the Sixties and Seventies one level buildings became hugely popular across the country.

Bungalows have strong appeal although the numbers being built each year are dropping. Accordingly to the National House Building Council in 1996, 7% of newly built homes were bungalows. In 2014 this figure was just under 1%.

Building land is currently at such a premium that developers are now choosing to build houses and flats rather than land-hungry bungalows.

Over the years we have seen the continuing demand for bungalows from people looking to buy in Chester. This means that bungalows hold their prices superbly well and have many benefits that people are looking for. With a century and a half of history under their roofs bungalows remain as popular as ever.

Wonder how much your bungalow is worth in the current market?


Maintenance of Bungalows

At Homesale and Homelet we think bungalows are brilliant. They have amazing kerbside appeal too. To maximise this and make the most of your home:

1) In the springtime clear out the gutters of leaves, sediment and anything else that has built up over the winter.

2) If your driveway is looking tired give it a freshen up with a path cleaner or consider jet washing it. Maybe add some planters by the door or plant flowers if you have a front garden.

3) If you have a garage with automatic doors check them regularly as they can become slow

4) Check your boiler annually. The ideal time to do this is before the onset of winter.

5) Keep clutter to a minimum by storing items in the lost. You may want to add a window and board it for extra ease and to maximise this space.

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