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First Impressions Count…..Create a welcome happy feeling.


Set the tone

Your entrance hall is one of the most important things that your viewers will see.  It sets the tone of your home.  It is true that your buyers will make a buying decision based on the first few seconds of a viewing.

It is essential to give them a positive welcome feel about your home.  You want to create feelings of happiness, this can be achieved by a bright light entrance and a happy smile.  I am Lisa and I, like everyone, love happy people.  I love coming home to my kids, husband and Rose Bear my dog.  I believe that buyers are looking for happy and it is this that will put your viewer in the right frame of mind and achieve the price you want for your home.  People buy things that make them feel happy so the viewing needs to expose them to these emotions and solve their problems for them.

If you are showing your viewers around remember to smile and ask them about themselves.  Show your home with enthusiasm.  Finding a home is stressful and the more they are comfortable and find pleasure in the viewing the more likely that they will offer and at a price that is acceptable.

As with all other rooms, the brighter you can make the hall, the better it will look.  If you do not have natural light then light fittings or if the space will allow, a table and table light.

Remove clutter such as coats and shoes, they do make a hall feel smaller.  If possible find a cupboard or remove them and leave in your car on the day of the viewing.  If you have hooks you may want to leave your best coat or jacket there there so the feature looks functional.  The more organized you are, the more you will impress buyers.


Create a viewing plan

When the viewer, or if needed you, commence a viewing, you should have decided in advance which door to leave open.  If you have multiple doors, just choose one.  It should look the most appealing from the front door.  It is beneficial to also have a plan for your viewing so you take the viewer on a journey of your home focusing on the most appealing and impressive rooms first.

Lighten up your home,

Light can be added to other areas of your home by:

  • Using lamps to light up dark corners of rooms
  • Adding underlighters and lights in kickboards of kitchens
  • In your study using desk lamps
  • Increasing the wattage of your overhead lights
  • Swap dark ceiling shades for light ones to maximise the light.
  • Brighten up bedrooms with lights on your bedside table/s.

These tips work in every room but maybe needed more in a colder north facing room.


Smell can also say Happy

According to a recent Daily Mail report, white tea and fig are the best smells to impress.  Lemon, cedar pine and basil or freshly baked bread or fresh coffee also work well.

If you are not on a main road or if your neighbour is not lighting a fire, or if it is not too cold fling open your windows and let the outside in fresh air can make a room very happy.

Lemon, cedar pine and basil or freshly baked bread or fresh coffee also work well.


What is it that is unique and happy about your home.

The garden with the patio to sit and find peace or the luxurious bedroom suite that is the most effective haven, or maybe you have contemporary open plan living.   Whatever it is, it should be highlighted and be as clear as is possible to your viewers.


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