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6 clever ways to maximise space in your home

Do you sometimes feel like your home is cramped? Or do you wish you just had that little bit more space? Follow these simple, yet effective, tips to maximise the space in your home (no matter how big or small it is). To ensure you benefit from your home’s full potential, my go-to advice is always to expand on the existing space through easy to implement design features such as these 6 tips below.

1. Reduce clutter to maximise space

One of the best ways to maximise the space in a small apartment is to reduce clutter. And by doing this, you eliminate mess. Additionally, in order to open up the available space, be sure to utilise the storage options in each room effectively. You’ll find the reduction of clutter makes a dramatic impact on the perception of how big the room feels (even when it’s not actually that spacious).

2. Make, or design, your own furniture/storage:

Effective furniture and storage options don’t have to break the bank. And a small space doesn’t mean you can’t make, big, bold design choices. Rely on home DIY options to re-purpose, or create, new and tasteful designs that will allow you to benefit from your room layout. Plus, a room that has its own unique, creative flow (regardless of size) will do wonders to the feel of a room. That being said, a word of caution. Less is more. Always. And a minimal look that still allows you to live practically, is not only desirable, but also makes your living space seem far bigger.

3. The use of colour in your home

An easy yet effective way to give the illusion the space that you’re living in is bigger than what it seems, is to use colour. White walls are an effective way to not only brighten up your room, and enhance natural light, but also to give the perception that the room is in fact larger than it is. As a result, you’ll find the room will welcoming, and less “heavy.” And if you’re worried about too much white. Then an accent wall is an easy solution. It’s a convenient way to add an on trend design element to the room, as well as having the added benefit of breaking up too much white.

4. Use symmetry on your walls

Once a selected colour has been chosen, another great way to give the illusion that the room is larger is to use symmetry on the walls. Furniture features are not only stylish, but create a natural balance and flow across the room.

5. The use of mirrors for a more spacious feel

A good idea to help extenuate the feeling of a bigger space is to use a large mirror. Mirrors reflect natural light, and will allow white walls to beam. You’ll find clever hacks like this, cheap to implement and incredibly effective to maximise the space in your home.

6. Opt for a statement piece

Finally, to finish off your room, you may want to create a focal point. Opt for a statement piece to draw the eye, and wow guests as they enter. This central piece can take shape in any form, whether it’s a piece of art, or a unique design element to furniture of decor. You’ll find this one additional piece gives your room the “finished” feel it needed, which satisfies the need for order.


Are you ready to maximise the space in your home, no matter the size? I assure you, these 6 steps will help you do it. You’ll find your rooms will instantly feel brighter, and feel larger than they really are. Plus, you’ll have a the benefit of a space that’s unique to you, embodied with your own stylish appeal.


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