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Finding the perfect tenant, Currans Homes

Finding the perfect tenant

Finding the perfect tenant   A guide to knowing who is the best tenant for you and your property.   Finding the perfect tenant for your letting property isn’t easy, knowing who that tenant is a great place to start. We look at what can

A red brick semi detached house with bay windows. In the foreground a gravel driveway with a stone slab path leading to a light blue front door. The driveway boundary is marked with green hedges.

How To End A Tenancy – The Right Way

A comprehensive landlord’s guide to gaining possession via Section 21 or Section 8   Cut through the jargon and find out how to end a tenancy and get your property back, legally. With our handy, easy to follow landlord’s guide.   As a landlord, your

Get your rental winter ready

Your legal obligations and top tips Maintaining your rental property in a good state of repair so that it’s always safe and comfortable for your tenants is your legal responsibility as a landlord. And while you should be carrying out regular checks, maintenance and repairs