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image of a property items for inventory Currans Homes

Property inventories – all you need to know

What is an inventory and why you should create one when you let your property An inventory lists and describes the contents and condition of everything in a property – from the paint on the walls to the cutlery in a kitchen drawer. It’s put

Good money reasons to remortgage your property Currans Homes

Reasons to remortgage your rental property

As a landlord, you might own your property outright or you may have a buy to let mortgage. If you do currently have borrowing, it could be because you didn’t have enough capital available to buy without a mortgage. Or perhaps you chose to leverage

5 Steps To Assess Rental Yield

The essential steps to assess (potential) rental yield on your investment property As a landlord, it’s important to be able to assess whether a property is likely to be a good investment before you buy it. Then, once your property’s rented out, it’s helpful if

Are you tracking all the important portfolio metrics?

What are the all important measurements all Landlords should be tracking?  Some are obvious and some less so.  Please read on for seven that you should track right now…   Net Cashflow: Your actual cashflow is based on the actual rental income minus the actual

Income from property works well. This is how…

The time has come for another self assessment return.  Time to assess is property investment really worth it? Successful property investors tend to calculate returns from property using a simple net return calculation. A gross rental return is the total amount of money your tenant pays you

We can help speed up the sale of your rental property

2018 hasn’t been the best year for landlords.  Political uncertainty and new restrictive legislation as well as less favourable tax changes have led to a number of investors deciding to sell their property investments. Here are 5 top tips for landlords who want to sell

Buying a new home? Remember these 4 additional costs:

Buyers can sometimes be shocked to discover additional costs associated with purchasing a property particularly if experiencing the process for the first time. Settling a realistic budget for the total costs is a critical first step to ensure that there are adequate funds available. Here are a