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Brexit and the impact on the Chester property market…

With regards to Brexit, it is of course difficult to envisage how, if at all, the decision might impact directly on the property market here in Chester.
There is a lot of talk currently, some of which that is creating uncertainty within many quarters.  Much of this talk appears to be borne out of the instability within Government that immediately followed the referendum result.  With the nomination of a new Prime Minister and her seemingly pro-active approach to establishing a new cabinet and negotiating our exit from the EU as matter of priority, it is our belief that much of that uncertainty will soon dissipate.
Knowing the market locally as well as we do, our experience has taught us that buying and selling property in Chester is a unique experience with few of the decisions taken outside of our city impacting directly on the market.  As a city we have the advantage of strong and continually expanding opportunities for employment as well as local investment that is sustained and consistent, undoubtedly making Chester one of the most sought after areas in which people wish to put down roots.
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