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Biggest house viewing mistakes….

Once a prospective purchaser decides to view a home, first impressions are critical, so the viewing needs to go as smoothly as possible.

Are you a buyer?:

Show respect

It is important to show the property the same level of respect you would expect someone to give your own home.  They may have a policy to take their shoes off at the door, certainly pets and smoking will not appreciated.  Although the buyer makes the offer, sellers decide who they want to sell to.


Try not to negotiate immediately

When you are on a house viewing, this is not the place to start negotiating price.  It is important to wait until after you have left the property to discuss the price with your estate agent.  It is also not suitable to criticise the asking price to the agent while at the property, especially if the seller is at home.


Watch your words…

Do not criticise the property while you are viewing it.  Something that you find distasteful might have sentimental value or be one of the owner’s favourite features.


Are you a seller?:

Arrange to be out for viewings

Even if you are genuinely hoping to be helpful by asking questions, it can put the buyers on edge.  Some people can not imagine themselves in the property if they feel uncomfortable or if they are feeling watched.  They also should feel comfortable opening wardrobes or putting on taps.

Keep your home tidy and clean

It should be obvious but in some cases sellers can leave their home in a rush and leave it untidy and/or cluttered.  Prospective buyers need to imagine themselves in their new home and if it is not smelling fresh, clean and tidy this can prevent a potential  offer.


First impressions are critical in selling your home.  Do all that you can to ensure that the front of the property looks inviting.  Kerb appeal cannot be underestimated.

Where possible arrange for your agent to do the viewing, it can be important for a sale of your home.  At Homesale we offer accompanied viewings 7 days a week, anytime that is convenient to buyers (and indeed sellers).

Please give us a call on 01244 313 900 if Homesale can help with any questions you have in relation to your home move, we would love to help, or email us on