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Are you going to be left in the dog house?

We are a nation of dog lovers but when selling your home you need to be aware that your faithful companion could hinder a sale.  About 13 million (46%) of us in the UK live in a household with pets.   Here is a guide to help ensure that your sale goes smoothly.


Although you love your pet….

Buyers do not want to be met at your door by an over-enthusiastic dog or be hassled by your cat wanting attention.   Try to find a place for your pet to go or visit while the viewings are taking place.


Silence is golden…

You might be accustomed to your dogs bark and might even find it endearing, but your viewers will find it a distraction at best.  It may shorten the viewing or make the viewer discount your property without another thought.


Decluttering is essential…

The importance of decluttering is also important from bowls in the kitchen, leads in the hallway or cat toys in the lounge.  They should be out of sight at the viewing stage.  They could put off viewers who don’t have pets, or are allergic, they also fill space and potentially hide the feeling of valuable space in your home.


Keep it clean…

The importance of a clean house is not to be understated.  Prospective viewers will struggle to see past muddy footprints in the hall or animal marks on doors and walls.  It might even make a potential buyer look closer for more signs of potential damage to skirting boards, carpets and other flooring.  An hour or two of intense cleaning could really pay off.


There is no question that our pets provide us with companionship and comfort but they also bring along smells that home buyers are not going to find appealing.  As a pet owner, I am aware that I can sometimes become immune to the smells around my precious Irish Wheaten Terrier – Rose Bear.  But the harsh reality is that these smells can ultimately prevent home sales.


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